Rest and Receive Women's Retreat. 

A weekend away where the focus is on taking care of you.

Flockhill Retreat Participant 2021

"This was my first ever retreat and first time exposed to yoga nidra. After 24hrs, I felt my mind still for the first time in many years. There was no oversharing (which I was a little apprehensive about) and yet we talked and laughed and I felt very safe. The food was healthy, delicious and plentiful. It felt like I had been away for a week, fully rested and nourished in mind and body. I was blown away, and I will be including yoga nidra into my life."

Replenishing Yoga Nidra  

A weekend of rest with themed Yoga Nidra to experience peace. Curated practices to experience lasting shifts, the cummulative effects of a weekend immersion will transform you. 

Nourishing food 

Vegan, gluten free meals made with love. Let us nurture you. For many women its a daily grind to feed others, experience being taken care of in this profound way. Emma's kitchen is a hub of joy, connection and intoxicating smells.

Time in nature

The natural environment is a huge part of the healing in our retreat locations.  We include lots of personal time on the itinerary so you are free to roam. Soak in the energy of these magical NZ destinations.

Bespoke weekend retreats for women who need time to heal.

Veronica and Emma, have collaborated to create a nurturing, transformative experience for busy, tired and worn out women.

We met many years ago as travel agents and have long dreamt of combining our passion for travel and healing arts.

Emma caters with love and knows that having your most basic needs taken care of is a profound source of respite for many women.

Unlock the power of rest, by experiencing multiple Yoga Nidra sessions, meditation and shared practices with Veronica.

We also believe in free time "to be", relax in beautiful settings, and do what brings you joy, which could be your favourite craft project, a puzzle, or a good book.

Having something to look forward to is vital for our health and wellbeing. Make one of our retreats a highlight for your year.

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